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Archives from June 2011

Deaf Wet N’ Wild Bash!

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Deaf Wet N’ Wild Bash! Date: Saturday, July 16th, 2011 Time: 9am to 6pm Location: Wet N’ Wild Orlando

On Saturday July 16th come join Gracias VRS for some wet fun at the Deaf Wet N Wild Bash in Orlando FL! GraciasVRS welcomes you to stop by our table to get some free sun block to protect yourself and pick up a complimentary GraciasVRS bag for your wet clothes.

Gracias VRS Cares!



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ASL Services Latino and Gracias VRS became co sponsors of the welcoming event for Jose Juan Barea in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico by providing interpretation services to the Deaf community of the West side of the Island. Today June 23rd, 2011 at 6:00 p.m. the Barea-Fever started when hundreds of people attended the event held at the Public Square in the middle of downtown Mayagüez. Jose Juan Barea was born and raised in this municipality of the...

Tijuana SVR A.C. is part of Mexican Deaf History

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At the seminar SEÑALEES, Septimo Seminario Talleres, Modelo Educativo Bilingüe para el Niño Sordo, held in Mexico City, the educator, David Alejandro Torres López presented his book, “Estrategias y recursos para el desarrollo de competencias en el niño Sordo, Modelo de la Educación Intercultural Bilingüe.” Chapter IV of this book is entitled, Kofotecnología, which includes the subheading Videollamada y videoconferencia. Mr....

Deaf Spotlight: Jason Hurdich

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Key Contractor with ASL Services Takes Home Award with Vcom3D, Inc. Team Attending the 2010 National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI) National Conference in Washington D.C. was Jason Hurdich. Mr. Hurdich and his Vcom3D team won the Brightest Idea Award, voted on by peers and experts in their field at the Conference’s Tech Exposition, a showcase of emerging and exciting technologies and research...

Porting 10 Digit Numbers

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The local number you receive from Gracias VRS can be “ported” to another VRS provider. In addition, you can “port” a local number from another VRS provider to Gracias VRS. Porting numbers means that the default provider for that telephone number will change and the new VRS provider will be responsible for VRS calls to and from that telephone number, including emergency calls. When you are considering porting a number to Gracias VRS,...