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Archives from March 2012

Diabetes… It’s all about SUGAR!

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We have probably heard our parents, teachers and family members say that if you eat too much sugar you will get Diabetes. While this is a myth, in the United States 25.8 million people suffer from Diabetes, which includes children and adults. This means that 8.3 percent of the population of the United States has Diabetes. 18.8 million people are currently diagnosed but is calculated that about 7 million more are undiagnosed. This means that...


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If you feel you have been discriminated by a medical doctor or a Hospital , this is YOUR time to speak up and let your Deaf voices be heard.

No matter where you live on the island, Come this Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 to Starbucks Café at the corner of Juan Calaf and Costa streets in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico( next to Plaza las Americas). We will have the special visit of Mr. Frank J. Musumici, Supervisor Equal Opportunity of the U.S....


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The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, wants the opinion of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community regarding the changes planned on the way the Video Relay Service is paid and provided. Recently, concerned about the TRS Funds usage among other issues, the FCC decided to start a reform process and is seeking people like you to guide them in the process. Even though this is under a limited time opportunity to have a say in the matter,...

Watch your Cholesterol!

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Cholesterol is a fat produced by the liver and it’s extremely important for normal body functioning. There are two types. The good cholesterol (HDL) prevents arterial disease and helps the body get rid of the bad cholesterol. The “Bad” cholesterol (LDL) carries the cholesterol from the liver to the cells. Sometimes too much is carried and then too much is accumulated. This increases the risk for arterial damage. It is very important to...

The Way to Success – Interpreter Development Workshop in Austin, TX

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On March 10th, 2012, the Austin Interpreters for the Deaf and Gracias VRS are presenting the conference “Leadership: The Way to Success”. This conference will be presented by José Bertrán M.A., Psy.S a licensed psychologist and Interpreter from Puerto Rico. The event will be held at the Austin Community College Highland Business Center from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. The workshop will help the participants discover the leader within...