Dr Cozmo on CholesterolCholesterol is a fat produced by the liver and it’s extremely important for normal body functioning. There are two types. The good cholesterol (HDL) prevents arterial disease and helps the body get rid of the bad cholesterol. The “Bad” cholesterol (LDL) carries the cholesterol from the liver to the cells. Sometimes too much is carried and then too much is accumulated. This increases the risk for arterial damage. It is very important to watch what we eat because it could affect our “bad” cholesterol level. Also family genetics, alcohol, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle (lying and sitting too much!) could affect our cholesterol level. High levels of “bad” cholesterol could cause a heart attack, a stroke and other heart related conditions.

So what can you do? First you must consult with your doctor so you can be tested if you think you might have high cholesterol levels. Other recommendations include, exercise, eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oats and good quality fats (olive oil for example). Also you must avoid food with high levels of saturated fats. Also it is very important to keep a healthy bodyweight and to stop smoking and alcohol.

Gracias VRS Cares so please watch yourself so you can live a long and healthy life. Remember to call your family and friends to tell them about this interesting information.