Who is GlobalVRS and what do we stand for?

GlobalVRS is a video relay services (VRS) provider between the Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf-Low Vison & Hard of Hearing utilizing American Sign Language, English & Spanish to meet callers linguistic needs. We strive to always have the best quality of VRS interpreters serving on deaf VRS as communication bridges, serving you with respect for the needs, language and culture of each nation, country, region and community. GlobalVRS understands and respects every person’s right to a timely response, and clear unfettered communication represents the central values that define our deaf VRS service and commitment.


GlobalVRS is committed to the belief that communication is an inalienable right of every human being. It is our commitment and dedication to establish VRS that is capable of removing all the barriers that could exist between the Deaf and hearing multilingual/multicultural communities. Our VRS services personnel understands that the respect for each person, each person’s experiences and each person’s culture is what will define our video relay service. We will permeate those values by always appreciating the impact of communication in the lives of each one of our clients, by making the positive difference in our quality of video relay service, and by affirming that we do everything by serving you, our customer, with excellence as our goal.


Global VRS will utilize all existing technology along with the highest quality bilingual and trilingual VRS interpreters in order to be a true communication bridge between the Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf-Low Vision and hearing communities as well as Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities. Our interpreters will use our VRS platform to mediate between the Sign Language, English, Spanish linguistic and cultural variations background. We make the commitment to listen actively to each client and hold their communication rights as the highest priority in the performance of our services.

How is GlobalVRS responding to the DeafBlind and Deaf-Low Vision language accommodations?

GlobalVRS has dedicated time and resources to analyze and document the specific needs of a wide variety of DeafBlind and Deaf-Low Vision individuals. To provide a service that will meet our high standards, we have joined forces with nWise, a leading enterprise in technologies adaptable to DeafBlind and Deaf-Low Vision needs. nWise provides the software needed to make a VRS call possible for a DeafBlind or Deaf-Low Vision person. With nWise’s technology and GlobalVRS’ quality of service, the outcome is a complete and satisfactory experience for the user. All GlobalVRS interpreters have been specifically trained to service DeafBlind and Deaf-Low Vision individuals. In efforts to exceed our own high expectations, ongoing training is also provided to our Interpreters to stay current with DeafBlind and Deaf-Low Vision linguistic needs. Our Interpreters are patient and type at the pace required by the Braille Reader’s preference. They are professional yet maintain a positive and friendly demeanor and ultimately want your conversation to be rendered faithfully as noted by our callers.

“I used the service a couple of times this week and confirm that the interpreters were very helpful with the deafblind consumers that I talked to, really following them and making sure that if there was any issue that they would clarify it. If the deafblind customer was reading slow or needed to type to make sure the message was getting through, the interpreter would say that to me so that I would also follow in the conversation – allowing the customer to take their time during the call. GREAT JOB!”

“[Consumer report:] I have been using this DBVRS this week and I really enjoyed it very much. It is so much better than the other relay service from other provider.” – Jackie

Contact Us

For an English Interpreter that will accommodate your needs, call through Video Phone to 888-472-6778. For a Spanish Interpreter, call through Video Phone to 888-472-6768. For our Deaf Customer Support department call through a Video Phone to 877-326-5457 or by email help@globalvrs.com. For a Hearing Person to call you for a GlobalVRS DeafBlind & Deaf-Low Vision trained interpreter, the hearing person will need to call 877-326-3877 and provide the interpreter your Video Phone number.