Gracias VRS received this letter below from concerned parties in Chile and support these efforts. Here is the letter we received and we encourage anyone interested in helping to support their cause.

Good afternoon dear colleagues.

We, a group of interpreters from Spain, Uruguay, Colombia and Brazil, invite all of you to join in an initiative to send hundreds of emails to officials of the Chilean Government and the media asking them to allow Chilean Sign Language interpreters to volunteer their services to the various television media in order to provide timely, rapid and inclusive information to the affected deaf population.

If you agree with this message, you may copy it and ask that many more colleagues send it to the email addresses included below. Please note that this is voluntary:

The following should be included in the subject: “Yes” to the right to information for Deaf people in Chile, “Yes” to interpreters on television for all information.

Dear sirs and madams:

We have received news that, after the earthquake in Chile, deaf people do NOT have access to much needed information in this time of anguish and emergency.

The main national television networks are not allowing sign language interpreters to provide their services for all televised news that is being transmitted, in violation as such of a fundamental right to information. It is inhumane not to allow the Deaf people of Chile to count on their interpreters for all of the daily news shown on television. This is as catastrophic as the earthquake itself. There are many Deaf people who lack information, who do not know where to go to receive help or some support from the government, and much less where to learn the magnitude of this tragedy.

That is why we turn to you, to condemn this injustice which is in violation of Article 11 of the CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, which states:

“States Parties shall take, in accordance with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, all necessary measures to ensure the protection and safety of persons with disabilities in situations of risk, including situations of armed conflict, humanitarian emergencies and the occurrence of natural disasters.”

This is a matter of humanitarian support upheld by the rights that Deaf people have to place them on equal footing as hearing people in Chile.

We all demand: “Yes” to the right to information for Deaf people in Chile, “Yes” to sign language interpreters on television for all information.


Sign language interpreter

E-mail list of Senators and House of Representative Members in CHILE where they should send their letters of complaint.