Gracias VRS stands for the equality and dignity of all human beings. Señas de Amistad Beyond Borders (Signs of Friendship Beyond Borders) is an event that addresses that issue in a very special way. They plan to unite about 600 people right at the border between the US and México to share their culture, their language and the one thing that binds them all; that they are human beings!

This event has been happening since 2009 but Mr. Daniel Watman, one of the main coordinators of the event, informed Gracias Spotlight that this year it will be organized in a way that will allow even more people to attend and enjoy. Señas de Amistad, Beyond Borders 2012 will have salsa music in Spanish and English, Art shows and communication via binoculars so that both sides can see each other and even though the border divides them physically, they can feel united by sharing their culture and uniqueness as Deaf Latino’s.

The Señas de Amistad Beyond Borders will be held March 31st, 2012 from 12 midday to 4 pm pacific standard time. All of those that want to attend should contact Mr. Daniel Watman (San Diego) at (619) 954-9710 or Miriam Quino (Tijuana, México) at (664) 294-6848.

Gracias VRS is really pleased that the Deaf and Hearing Latino Communities at the border are making headway with events like this that really portray the best of what inclusion is all about. We congratulate all the organizers of this event and hope it will be a success!

Remember that Gracias VRS is here 24/7, 365 days a week to do just that, unite people and communities through our warm, friendly and professional Video interpreters. Family is at the very core of our company so everyone that calls through Gracias VRS is treated like a Family member who just came back home. Try us today, we can do Spanish, English and ASL and remember… WE ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU!

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Show your support for the binational deaf community and come to this great event!
Make friends across barriers!

In the current divided and limited world it’s easy to get used to these conditions and slowly lose the the real significance of the cultural richness and diversity all around us. One of the groups affected by these marginalizations are deaf people who for years have suffered in silence in trying to express their worries and needs and ending up being left out because of linguistic, work, and social differences.

In search of real change, a growing group of people and organizations commited to the deaf community is uniting as a cultural and communication bridge between deaf and hearing people and their efforts have been focused around the ¨Señas de amistad beyond borders¨ wich will take place on Saturday, March 31st at the binational friendship park on the beach on the US side and on a lookout on the Mexican side. It will be at 12pm. Deaf and hearing people from both sides of the US and Mexican sides of the border arrange to meet at this location, with the purpose of creating friendship across the border fence, using sign language as a literal and symbolic unity that overcomes barriers through this common interest.

We would like to invite the deaf community of Tijuana and San Diego and the surrounding area including family, friends, bosses, and all others who want to support the binational deaf culture, to attend this event in order to learn how to help break down barriers and take a great step toward unity and equality.

Daniel Watman Coordinator (San Diego) 619 954 9710
Miriam Quino Coordinator (Tijuana) 664 294 6848

Support binational deaf community, enjoy this great event!