Photo Description: The entire background of the image is an outer space-themed  scene with black and white dots that mimic stars. At the top of the image, there are the words GlobalVRS in bold white capitalized lettering. Under the GLOBALVRS lettering, there is a box outlined in white. In the box, it says, Connecting ALL [all is in capital letters]. Under the box is written in smaller white font  myMMXdb | GXPro, and under that text is the GLOBALVRS logo which is purple-red and green intertwined in a C shaped half swirl. Behind the logo is a faded image of the world. The effect is both the GlobalVRS logo and globe of the world are meshed. Under the meshed world globe and GLOBALVRS logo are two hands that are pale in color, with the palms facing upwards  in a cupped position on each side of the meshed image. The hands that are in a cupped position have  the meshed world globe and GLOBALVRS logo  hoovering between the cupped hands. At the bottom of the image, it says, “ASL Services Holdings, LLC dba GlobalVRS, an FCC TRS Program Certified Provider.