Sands Expo and Convention Center
201 Sands Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89109

GraciasVRS and ASL Services, Inc. Expo times: Monday July 19th-Saturday July 22nd 9am-5pm

Cost to the public: FREE

The 2010 DeafNation World Expo will be held at the Sands Expo Center, the perfect place to truly bring the Deaf together under one roof. The World Expo will take place at Sand Expo’s 200,000 sq. feet exhibit hall, where exhibitions, workshops, entertainment, sporting activities, activities for the children and so on will come together to provide four full days’ worth of many hours of presentations, education and socializing for the attendees. The best thing about the World Expo, aside from the socializing and cultural/language opportunities, will be the free admission to all events.

The Deaf Nation World Expo philosophy is that free admission brings a diversity of attendees who can share our culture, needs, language, and information. Overall, their goal is to give everyone the chance to meet new people from all the corners of the world, ranging anywhere from historical regions like Europe, the Americas and Africa to exotic regions like Asia and Australia, and learn new languages, new cultures and new traditions, which will be all done under one great roof.

Gracias VRS and ASL Services, Inc. support that philosophy and will be participating at the event. Come stop by our GraciasVRS booth and take a memorable picture with Elvis and friends. Also be sure to stop by our ASL Services, Inc. booth to get the latest information on innovative technology for VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) Services. VRI supports the needs for Professional Sign Language Interpreters to be available through technology to interpret for Deaf Clients. Professional Sign Language Interpreting Services are now available within minutes not only locally, but throughout United States and around the globe.

Make your plans right now and come be a part of the DeafNation World Expo, the largest Deaf event there is in the world!

Official site is here.