*Video is captioned


[Video Description: Opening Screen has GlobalVRS Logo on it which is purple red and green intertwined in a C shape half swirl. Male with short hair, dark brown eyes, light tan skin, a few freckles, hair on chin, wearing a dark maroon V-neck shirt. Behind the male is an ivory colored wall. Male is signing throughout video the following message]

Hi! Here at GlobalVRS, we know how important for you to connect with your family/friends during this challenging time.
Has it ever happened to you when you are ready to connect, and you forget your password with GlobalVRS? We know it happens.
You have two ways to reset your GlobalVRS password.
First, type www.globalvrs.com, you will see “Login” select that.
On the next screen, you will see “Forgot Password”, select that.
This will lead you to reset your password.
Second, you could contact our Customer Care and we will be ready to assist you in resetting your password.
It doesn’t matter which VP you have you can contact us anyway.
GlobalVRS is dedicated to supporting the community and always ready to connect…always.

[Video then goes into an image with colorful top and bottom boarder with a faded background with swirly purple, greed and red colored lines. Image has a picture of Cozmo , a red monkey-like character with a tail and green eyes, smiling pointing at text that says]
Stay Close Even When You’re Apart

[Graphic includes]
Customer Service: 877-326-5457
English: 888-472-6778
Spanish: 888-472-6768
Hearing Caller: 877-326-3877

[Video goes into final image that has colorful top and bottom boarder with a faded background with swirly purple, green and red colored lines. Text says: “Copyright (copy right symbol) all rights reserved by GlobalVRS/ASL Services Holdings, LLC.]