During this week Gracias VRS will be celebrating its anniversary. Backed by over 25 years of experience and expertise, Gracias VRS is a company that cares and supports the needs of the Deaf community by providing information about how to protect their lives during an emergency situation and planning events that promote awareness of their rights and how to uphold them. We specifically developed a program called “Gracias Cares” during our Expo’s at the national level. During those we had the conference titled “it’s a Matter of Life and Deaf” where the participants were taught what should be done in case of an emergency. For Gracias VRS our clients come first and we show that everyday through our sponsorship of Deaf events such as “Deafnation”, MATA Expo, ASL Media events, Deaf Week events and Silent Dinners among others.

Our Clients are number one for Gracias VRS and we show it by providing trilingual interpreters who are always ready to make a call whether in Spanish and/or English, always warm, friendly and with a big smile on their faces to make the calling process pleasant and relaxed.

During the last two years we have worked hard so that Gracias VRS develops as a company and is able to fulfill it’s purpose: To be a powerful bridge of communication between the hearing and the Deaf communities. We want to keep working for you and to have more Deaf people enjoy the experience of calling through our services and meet our wonderful team of interpreters. Please add graciasvrs.tv to your Video Phone and start using the best VRS service in the industry. And remember it does not matter where you are or who you want to call, because Gracias VRS is Always with You!