SDC11744SDC11740 On February 5th, 2010 Mr. Rogelio Figueroa, Environmental Activist and Governor Candidate for the PPR Party (Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico) arrived to the Gracias VRS Hatillo Call Center. As he toured the premises, he admired the building and its presentation. He recognized the significance of our competent and professional interpreters for the Deaf Community. Mr. Figueroa expressed that Gracias VRS and ASL Latino “are opening doors for the communication and education of the Deaf Community”.

Company Director and Call Center representatives answered his questions about the interpreting field, ASL Services: Latino, and shared our company’s history as well the achievements of its president and CEO Angela Roth.

Mr. Figueroa also had the opportunity to experience a VRS call from one of PR’s Deaf leaders.

Mr. Figueroa commended Gracias VRS and ASL Services: Latino for the educational and informative role to hearing society. His general impression was, that we are fulfilling our purpose, as we become the access point for the “voice” of the Deaf Community, so they can be heard through us.