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Archives from February 2012

Cozmo says: February is peak flu season!

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Alert, Alert February is considered peak time for Flu season!

Flu season is at it’s peak in February.

If you feel sick call your doctor to determine what is the best course of action for you.

People who catch the flu while having other chronic illnesses can develop life threatening complications and prevention is the best “cure”.

With this in mind, washing and or sanitizing your hands frequently and the...

Common Resume Types

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Job Searching starts with a good resume.

There are three common types of Resume.

Review each and decide which is best for you.



Resume Type One: You put “ALL” your schooling and the jobs you ever had from oldest to newest. Called: “Chronological Format” (you can Google this for examples) Best if you plan to keep the same type of job but just want to move companies. Difficult to use...