CUSTOMER CARE: 877-326-5457

ENGLISH VRS: 888-472-6778

ESPAÑOL VRS: 888-472-6768

HEARING CALLERS: 877-326-3877


“Because Mom says so”

I called my mom today and it was the first time I used an interpreter because normally my wife signs for me. My mom was very happy for the coherent way the call was handled and asked me to always use Gracias VRS when a call her. God bless your interpreters.

E. Sandoval

“Great Interpreter!”

My interpreter made me feel that I could do this VCO myself with no fear, he was so patient with me when I got nervous and I forgot to speak and sign. He adapted to my level of signs and it was clear he respected me.

Y. Machado

“Made me feel like a hearing person”

The interpreter was so good that he even made the sounds for everything in the background (noises, conversations) and it made me feel completely part of the conversation…I felt like a hearing person.

G. Reyes

“Great Face”

Your interpreter is beautiful, every morning their face sparkles, glows with kindness and always has a smile. Thanks!

A. Diaz

“Great Job!”

Great job! I wrote down my interpreter\’s number to ask for them the next time!

G. Camacho