VRS is Easy To Use

GlobalVRS is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

the-future-resizeVideo Relay Service (VRS) allows the Deaf and hard-of-hearing communities to make and receive telephone calls to hearing people.

Using a video connection through a TV or a computer (PC) to an interpreter the call is relayed.

If you already own a videophone (VP), add us to your contacts list by dialing GlobalVRS.tv.

Deaf VRS is a Free Service

Deaf video relay service (deaf vrs) was established by the the FCC of the U.S. Government as a free service allowing Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to talk to hearing people on the telephone. There are no charges to either party for any part of a VRS call.

We Have Top Quality Interpreters

The Video Interpreters (VI’s) that work for GlobalVRS hold themselves to very high standards.

asl vrs services
This will help you with your communication process with your deaf VRS by using American Sign Language (ASL) and speaking in Spanish or English, depending on your needs. We are your trilingual VRS providers.

For GlobalVRS your privacy is a priority. Our video interpreters handle your calls with confidentiality, so you can feel safe.

No matter what service you choose, our vrs services providers will always be there to help. That’s why at GlobalVRS we say that we are “Always With You”.

Fast Fast Fast

When you make a VRS call, you want it to happen fast.

GlobalVRS has made the promise to have the highest technology standards. If you already own a videophone (VP), add us to your list by dialing GlobalVRS.tv. Try us and see how fast we are.