Are You Planning to Travel Outside of the U.S.?  See Video In ASL

The FCC and GlobalVRS know when you are traveling how important it is for you to stay in touch with family, friends, business back home in the U.S. The FCC allows an exemption for VRS registered verified users to makes calls back to U.S. while traveling.

If you have a GlobalVRS verified 10 digit number, calling while traveling is easy!

  1. You need to fill out the form. Just click on the link below.
  2. Then fill out the Traveler Permission Form- It’s easy and fast! We will need:
    • Your name
    • Your email
    • Your registered VRS 10 digit number
    • The country you are traveling to
    • What day you leave U.S.
    • What date you will be back in U.S.
  3. Customer care will contact you to confirm your travel dates have not changed.

That’s all you need! If you have any questions, see the additional information below or contact Customer Care.


So, HAVE A GREAT AND SAFE TRIP. Know that when you travel, GLOBALVRS is there with you!

Click Here: International Traveler Form
Questions on Traveling Internationally and making calls? Here is some more information, in case you have questions or contact our Customer Service for support: 877.326.5457


Who can request permission to call while traveling outside
the U.S.? 
See Video In ASL

Only verified VRS verified Registered Callers with a 10 digit number from a authorized VRS Provider can apply.

You do not have a registered user 10 digit number yet? No Problem! Click here and we will get you registered.

What IF you have a VRS number from a different VRS provider? See Video In ASL

  • You can register to get a Global number HERE
  • Register to travel internationally with your VRS provider that gave you your 10 digit number


Remember Your GlobalVRS Interpreters are known for their amazing support, international experience in English and Spanish. And THAT is something always important, especially when you are traveling to other countries.

When do I need to send in my Traveler Permission Request Form? See Video In ASL

Your Traveler Request Permission Form  should be submitted 2 weeks before the  date you will  travel outside of the U.S.

This will give us time to make sure your call permission is set so you can have smooth travel, knowing you can call back to US anytime.

How long is my travel permission good for? See Video In ASL

You can make calls from the day you leave U.S. up to three weeks.

GlobalVRS wants to be sure you have no problems,  so two days before your expiration date, our GlobalVRS representative will send you an email to remind you your Traveler Permission will end in two days.

How will I know my Traveler Permission request is approved? See Video In ASL

We want everything to go smooth for you, so GlobalVRS will verify your request. Our Customer Care rep will contact you via VP to review everything you wrote is accurate. Then our CC will send you via email that your Traveler Request/Permission has been APPROVED. That is your “TICKET”. Keep that  email with you while you travel  in case you need to show a VI you re on the approved Travel list.