Gracias VRS Supports the NAD Request to the FCC to Give Equal Telephone Access to the Deaf

Gracias VRS is a provider of VRS, giving equal communication opportunity to the deaf community. This federally funded service (through FCC and NECA) may be in jeopardy without your support. Gracias VRS service is here to stay, however, new restrictions may limit VRS calls that are important to the deaf community.

Excerpt from the NAD Website: The NAD learned that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not paid Video Relay Service (VRS) providers for certain types of VRS calls since July 2009. As a result, some VRS providers are not connecting or may stop connecting some VRS calls. This is not functionally equivalent to the communication access that hearing telephone users enjoy.

The NAD looks forward to working with the FCC, NECA, VRS providers, and other stakeholders in the development of rules and appropriate procedures to ensure the integrity of the TRS Fund and achieve functional equivalency for all deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

To read the rest of the article and to leave a comment with the FCC please visit the NAD website on the subject here.