[San Juan, Puerto Rico, February 19th, 2020] — At The 7th Women Who Lead Summit™, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Angela Roth, entrepreneur, and CEO of ASL Services Holdings is presented with the Puerto Rican Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award. This year’s Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding female entrepreneurship and business leadership in the Puerto Rican Latino community.

Women Who Lead, LLC , founded by Frances Rios, is a professional organization that promotes the economic development of women, organizations and countries through the professional inclusion of women in business and leadership. This year the organization held their 7th successful Women Who Lead Summit™, the largest executive summit organized by and for women, in Latin-America. The Women Who Lead Summit™, out of Puerto Rico, provides a unique platform to recognize and showcase the professional success of women, from all over the world.

Angela Roth, recipient of this year’s Puerto Rican Woman Entrepreneur of the Year has led the growth and development of ASL Services Enterprises and subsidiaries. Since its inception, in 1992 ASL Services Enterprises has grown from a single-employee organization to an international, subsidiary-holding organization serving the diverse needs of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind communities around the world. “There’s no “solo” act. I’ve been blessed to have a team that has purpose and dedication to quality and caring.,” states Ms. Roth.

ASL Services Enterprises is an international holdings corporation dedicated to providing equal access in communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. Subsidiaries held by ASL Services Holdings Enterprises include ASL Services Inc. (Kissimmee, FL), a community provider of professional sign language interpreting services; alongside it’s multi-lingual Latino directed sister-company, ASL Services Latino (Puerto Rico), as well as; Global VRS, the telecommunications company providing video relay services for sign-language accessible telephone communication.


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