The morning of June 29th, 2012, started in a very special manner. An unannounced T-Storm destroyed the electrical system in Puerto Rico leaving 85% percent of the population without power. Nevertheless the electrical system was repaired and the electricity came back. It was then that the Gracias VRS Team started decorating the “Mayor’s Room” (Salon Alcalde) within the Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez in Bayamón.

The Staff

At 5:30 pm the Deaf started arriving. There was so much enthusiasm and joy in the air. More than 110 people from the Deaf community attended the event. Gracias VRS Team was ready with food and refreshments for them as well as music and a Retro decoration of the room. Many started dancing and enjoying themselves to the rhythm of the music provided by the Municipality of Bayamón and its mayor, Ramón Luis Rivera.

People at the Dance Competition

The night started with a welcome message from Gilberto García Director of Asl Services Latino, followed by a message from our host, Mr. Amilcar López, Library Director and responsible to provide accessibility to people with Disabilities within the municipality of Bayamón. After his message the Gracias VRS Retro Raffle was started. Beautiful baskets were prepared full of goodies as gifts for the people at the party.

Dance Competition

The moment everyone was expected arrived. The dance couples had their numbers and the judging panelwas ready and in position. the 15 dance couples started to dance and after 20 intense minutes of dancing the evaluating team picked the 5 finalist couples. It was extremely hard to reach a consensus among the judges because all the dance couple were so good. After a while the judges gave their verdict and chose the first, second and third position winners.

Dance Contest

Before giving the winners their gifts, Mr. Martín Ortiz, Gracias VRS promoter talked to the people present about their experiences and excellent quality service that Gracias VRS provides. At that point the male partners of the dance couple got a special gift prepared for them and the female counterpart got beautiful baskets full of beauty, personal grooming, wines, chocolate and promo items courtesy of Gracias VRS.

Dance Winners

Again, another raffle took place while the judging panel got assembled to start the costume competition. Each person did a short presentation dance before the judges and the winner was chosen and a basket given to him. After the costume competition another basket was raffled. The people there continued sharing, eating and drinking the delicious fruit juice specially prepared for the occasion. At 10 p.m. the party ended as we thanked all the guests reminding them to use Gracias VRS and to be watching for other events and activities.