GlobalVRS is part of several entities working to break down DeafBlind barriers and is making every effort to reach & inform the DeafBlind community about the technical breakthrough that allows DeafBlind persons with Braille skills the ability  to make video phone calls and attain equal VRS communication access!

We need your help to get the DeafBlind community informed! How? Please watch.

Divya Goel is DeafBlind and uses the GlobalVRS technology to make phone calls. She explains how this unique technology has made such a difference in her life.  Watch what Divya has to say:

This amazing technology is available, but few DeafBlind persons know about it


they need support from family, friends, support groups and programs in getting though government bureaucracy to get the free service.


Please join GlobalVRS’ DeafBlind Campaign “Connecting the DeafBlind Community!”

by reaching  and informing anyone you know that is DeafBlind of this free government technology that could give them a new level of independence, like Divya.


If we all join forces and help one another, we can make a real difference!

Who is GlobalVRS? Different in so many ways!

We are GlobalVRS,  a worldwide access video relay services (VRS) FCC provider serving the Deaf community, with special focus on bringing services to underserved and marginalized communities such as DeafBlind, low vision, Spanish & atypical signers. We strive always to have the best quality of interpreters who care in serving as communication bridges, serving the community with respect for the language and culture of each nation, country, region, and community. GlobalVRS understands and respects every person’s right to a timely response, and clear communication that represents the central values that define our service and commitment.


GlobalVRS is not a huge venture capital investment company, but rather the only VRS company that has cared enough and invested to have this service  available.


PLEASE Contact us if you have any questions or want assistance in getting a person or yourself connected to our specialized services: or VP 877-326-5457