Angela Roth, CEO of Gracias VRS has a message for our wonderful Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients.


Hi, you are here at the Gracias VRS website and the whole Gracias VRS team is excited and ready to offer you fast, deaf friendly quality VRS services. Some of you already know us. We have been supporting other companies, and you might have wondered, what happened? We have not seen you?? You are gone!! Well FCC regulations lay out that it was time for us to no longer be on a support role, but to stand on our own. And that’s exactly what we have done and as a result, FCC has given us approval to offer services as an eligible provider. And we are known as ASL Services Holdings LLC. Our brand name is Gracias VRS.

Now we say Gracias because we are committed that the top 3 languages of our nation and this entire hemisphere should be respected: English, ASL and Spanish are all equally to be recognized and supported. We come from a diverse background, just like you! We have Deaf communities, hearing, family experiences, professional services; we have language variances, different cultural backgrounds. We just don’t throw in ‘diversity’ and say, “ ohh yeah we do that too!! We actually live it! And as a result that we live it, we know that means every person has a right to express and be understood. And that is our focus. That is why we want to provide you warm, friendly, culturally and linguistically-aware service and we are willing to adjust to do whatever we need to and pull in the best person on our team to make sure we meet your needs.

Our website, Facebook, Twitter, you will see in the next few months that, yes, it has info about our services. But more importantly, you will see that our focus is on communication with the community in all its forms and in all the ways that we express it. So watch for some of the special surprises that will come. Some of the interesting features that will be unique on Gracias and you want to watch for Cozmo over here, our little sassy mascot. So keep watching our website often and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly remember every time to use our services. We always appreciate you. This is why we will always say “GRACIAS”, thank you for using us.

So to those faces that we have known before, welcome back and to the new faces, come on, give us a try! I think you are going to find what you have been looking for. That you can get it all with Gracias because we truly do care. We are just like you.

Welcome to Gracias!!