Gracias VRS is proud to present a few new videos for your viewing pleasure! Our first video is all about Emergency Kits, find out what yours should have in it and why you should have one! And our second video straight from the NAD is a call for your help, check it out!

Make Your Own Emergency Kit

Learn how to make your own Emergency Kit and be prepared!


FCC VRS Reform Rulemaking Needs Your Comments!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed new rules and asked for suggestions on how to improve Video Relay Services (VRS). The NAD first found out that the FCC was considering making reforms to VRS last summer. We have been working diligently along with other Consumer Groups representatives, to let the FCC know our concerns about possible changes to VRS and also improvements we would like to see. (Instructions on how to file at the bottom of the page).
The rulemaking has four key areas for reforms:

  • TRS Broadband Pilot Program (TRSBPP)
  • Better Technical Standards for VRS
  • Change from a Per-Minute to a Per-User Reimbursement System
  • Improvements to VRS Quality

Read more online on the website.


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