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Help Break DeafBlind Barriers

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GlobalVRS is part of several entities working to break down DeafBlind barriers and is making every effort to reach & inform the DeafBlind community about the technical breakthrough that allows DeafBlind persons with Braille skills the ability  to make video phone calls and attain equal VRS communication access!

Connecting ALL!

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Photo Description: The entire background of the image is an outer space-themed  scene with black and white dots that mimic stars. At the top of the image, there are the words GlobalVRS in bold white capitalized lettering. Under the GLOBALVRS lettering, there is a box outlined in white. In the box, it says, Connecting ALL [all is in capital letters]. Under the box is written in smaller white font  myMMXdb | GXPro, and under that text...

ASL VIDEO: COVID-19: Importance of Wearing a Face Covering

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[Video Description: Opening screen has a C shape half swirl with purple, red and green intertwined. Under the logo in purple lettering it says Global and in red lettering is says VRS. Next line in purple lettering it says, Connecting Our World]

[Next slide a male with short hair, dark brown eyes, light tan skin, a few freckles, hair on chin, wearing a light blue grayish button up shirt. Behind the male is an ivory colored wall....